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Telemedicine Resource

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Your employees no longer need to leave work in order to see a doctor. They don’t need to go to a doctor’s office, wait, catch something worse than they have, and then bring it back to the office to the rest of your staff. Instead, your employees can connect with a licensed doctor in minutes, explain their symptoms, and receive a doctor’s recommendation. If needed, prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy by the doctor too.

Teladoc is one of the most innovative telehealth solutions on the market today. Whether your health plan is fully-insured, self-funded, an association plan, or something else, Teladoc is a great solution to save your employees co-pay dollars and save you employee productivity as they won’t need time off to visit a doctor. The top consultations conducted via Teladoc include allergies, bronchitis, earache, sore throat, sinus issues, pink eye, and strep throat. 

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