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Large Group

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Large groups (101+) require specialized account management support, quarterly claims reporting, and annual benchmarking analytics to ensure you’re not paying too much for your insurance coverage. All of this and more is available to you through this relationship.

Account managers with 10+ years of large group experience are only a phone call or email away. Whether it’s a question about a carrier, various funding arrangements, or ACA regulations, you will have peace of mind knowing your question will be answered quickly and accurately.

Claims reporting and benchmarking data are available so you can see how your company is performing, and how your benefits package compares to similar companies in your industry nationwide.


Captives are the growing trend and possible solution to the volatility in the insurance industry today. Captives combine the perks of being self-funded with an added “cushion” layer of funds to reduce your company’s risk of shock claims. This Captive solution is only available through this relationship and helps spread risk over like-minded employers to significantly lower costs for all involved.

Why Join the Stop-Loss Captive?

The traditional health insurance marketplace can be ineffective and some of the cons include:

  • Deteriorating traditional risk pools and poor population health management

  • ACA taxes/fees and community rating - the constant threat of change in the fully-insured marketplace

  • Stop-loss volatility is difficult for small employers to budget around and accept

The following are several solutions and differentiators:

  • Pricing transparency and customized reporting at – no surprises at renewal

  • Multi-year strategy – Proactive vs. reactive

  • Flexibility – Plan design, wellness vendors, etc.

  • Spread of risk over like-minded employers

  • Reduces volatility and stabilizes costs

  • Use underwriting profits to lower future fixed costs

How Does It Work?
The information below is for illustrative purposes only.

  • Each employer has their own stop-loss policy and selects a specific deductible that suits their exact needs with a minimum of $20,000

  • The captive layer is $100,000 and sits on top of the employer-specific deductible

  • The stop-loss group covers all claims once they exceed the specific deductible and the captive layer

  • Employers pay a specific premium with 50% - 70% ceded into the captive layer, and 30% - 50% retained by the carrier for reinsurance (no additional reinsurance is necessary)

  • Employers will receive the underwriting profits from the captive layer (ceded premium, less captive fees, and less claims in the captive layer)

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